Why people get Squid Game business cards on Manchester buses


A “well-dressed” stranger hands out Squid Game business cards to students before a themed party in the city.

A Squid Rave arrives at the Institut des Sourds, in the city center, on Wednesday, November 11.

The event will feature mini-games and cash prizes throughout the night, along with a selection of house, disco and RNB music.

Marketing student Conal Jay, 27, was on a bus to Fallowfield when he said a stranger approached him and gave him a Squid Game-style business card.

Conal, who had just finished watching the series on Netflix a few days earlier, said: “He looked a little out of place because he was dressed so well and we met our eyes for a second.

“I felt a little uncomfortable.

“He then rang the doorbell, got up from his seat and tried to walk past me, when he stopped and handed me the map.

“He looked at me with a smirk and said ‘Do you want to play’, then he rushed out of the bus.

“The whole experience made me feel like I was being offered a place in Squid Game.

“I have since heard that a few other people have had strange encounters with people handing out these cards.

Ravers have the option of attending as participants (£ 8.80) or VIP (£ 15.40).

Squid Game-style business card, according to Conal Jay, was given to him on a Manchester bus

All participants must arrive between 11 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. and each will be assigned a number at the entrance.

VIP ticket holders must arrive with their mask on and will proceed immediately to a designated “exclusive” area.

The dress code is green tracksuits, like the ones featured in the Netflix phenomenon.

More surprises must be unveiled closer to the time – and organizers have reassured rave fans that “no one will be hurt overnight.”

The first and second version of tickets are now sold out, but the third version and VIP tickets are available for purchase here.

Last month, Squid Game became “Netflix’s Biggest TV Show”, with 142 million households worldwide watching the series in its first four weeks.

The hit series follows gaming enthusiast Seong Gi-hun as he joins 455 other debt-ridden players to participate in Squid Game – in the hopes of winning a cash prize of 45.6 billion won (28, £ 2million).


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