What is the best font for business cards?


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There are so many options available for entrepreneurs and professionals to create their own business cards that it can be hard to know where to start. Where is the best place to get business cards? Which design best suits your brand? What is the ideal font for business cards?

Font is one of the most important elements of business card design. The typeface does much more than illustrate text. Font type impacts the clarity and readability of a business card, and business card font sets the tone for the brand, conveying characteristics such as professionalism, sophistication, and fun.

How to choose your business card font

How do you choose your business card font? Whether you’re customizing a template or designing business cards from scratch, there are thousands of fonts available on the best font sites, though not all are created equal.

Choosing the wrong font can cause your brand to send the wrong message to your target audience. Likewise, many fonts aren’t designed for the fast, clear communication required for an effective business card font.

Confused about how to choose good fonts for business cards? The following four tips should put you on the right track.

Choose business card fonts that evoke good humor.

A font design conveys a message and tone, and it conveys a mood that will be attached to your brand. When choosing a font for your business card, be sure to select a typeface that reflects the mood you want to portray. Is your small business classic and sophisticated, upscale and stylish, or fun and adventurous? All of these can be communicated in a font.

Looking for original business card fonts with great readability.

To stand out from the crowd, you want a business card design that is as unique as your brand. Choosing an original font achieves this goal. However, it’s best to take a conservative approach and not stray too far from traditional fonts or risk losing readability. If a business card is not readable, it will not be effective.

Choose a font combination that makes your business card design stand out.

Hobby designers creating their own commercial yards may want to stick to a single font or font family to avoid mismatching their fonts. However, if you have a sense of design, mixing two contrasting fonts on your business card can make the design stand out and grab attention.

Understand the different font families.

Different types of fonts convey different tones and can even convey varying messages. It is therefore important to understand the main categories of fonts when selecting the perfect business card font. Will you choose a classic sans serif font or a more sophisticated serif font? Creative professionals can even choose to add elements of a script font for a unique and original business card design.

Sans Serif fonts for business cards

A simple sans serif font is one of the best business card fonts due to its clean lines, classic style, and clear readability. Common sans serif fonts are some of the most popular business card fonts because their simplicity allows a sans serif font to serve as a base for almost any design.

1. Myriad Pro

As its name suggests, Adobe Font Myriad Pro adds a touch of professionalism to business cards. The popular sans serif font has great readability and clearly conveys its message in a variety of font sizes and weights.

2. Source code

Fonts like the original from Adobe Source code font are perfect options for business card fonts thanks to their clarity, simplicity, and readability. The Source Code font is especially popular for business cards in the tech industry, where the lettering resembles common coded characters.

3. Futura

Emotion of modernism for almost a century, the Futura Font, available from various sources including Adobe, is a simple sans serif typeface that retains great readability on a business card design. Futura’s generous line spacing is popular with designers, and its various available weights allow it to complement a multitude of business card designs.

4. Report

Another great font for business cards, the Ratio sans serif font choice features smooth, clean lines for a clean, professional look. the report fontavailable from Adobe fonts and other popular sources, gives a modern touch to business cards in contemporary sectors.

5. Quicksand

the Quicksand Police is another effective sans serif font suitable for business cards. Available from a variety of online sources, including Adobe Fonts, Quicksand features ample spacing and original typefaces that give a unique look to any business card design.


Because it is so easy to read, the Gibson Font remains one of the most popular sans serif fonts for business cards. Available from Adobe and other resources, Gibson is considered a humanistic font that shines in almost any design.

7. Xaviere

Looking for or the perfect business card font? Why not select a typeface created just for this purpose? Xaviera is a professional sans serif font choice designed exclusively for business cards as well as display advertising and online printing. The simple characters of Xaviera Fontavailable from Envato Elements and other popular sources, pairs well with scripted or novelty anchors.

8. Daltons

Dalton is a modern business font perfect for making a statement on a business card. The sans serif Dalton Font exudes professionalism and sends a clear message. The font is available from Envato Elements.

Serif fonts for business cards

Serif fonts also make effective choices as business card fonts thanks to their classic, professional appearance. In typography, a serif refers to a small line or stroke attached to the end of a larger stroke in a typed or written typeface. These little details can drastically change the look of a font, and when used effectively, can spice up an otherwise plain and boring design.

9. Trajan

Trajan | Adobe Fonts

Inspired by classic Roman letterforms, Adobe trajan font adds a touch of timeless style to a business card design. The classic elegance of the serif font evokes professionalism while standing apart from the crowd.

10. Minions

Similar in style to the universally popular Times New Roman, the serif Minion font was designed for body text over 30 years ago. the Minion Fontan original typeface from Adobe Fonts, gives business cards a classic yet professional look.

11. Canaya

Want to give your business card an air of elegance? the Qanaya font is a serif font available from Envato Elements and other sources in a variety of font weights and sizes.

12. Solomon

Another popular serif font choice for business cards available from Envato Elements, the Solomon font features a creative design that will add flair to an otherwise plain business card while maintaining its elegance and readability.

13. Baskerville PT

Another nice font option for business cards, Baskerville PT is an elegant serif typeface that promises to provide an aura of professionalism. The versatile font comes in a variety of sizes and weights, maintaining its classic look in multiple formats.

Script fonts for business cards

Although script fonts, fonts that resemble cursive handwriting, aren’t recommended as the primary business card font, they can add a creative touch when used sparingly. Consider grabbing attention with your business card by choosing a font for a title or business name. However, avoid script fonts for details due to reduced readability.

14. Bouquets

Sporty and exciting, the Bouquet typeface is a script font characterized by thick cursive letters. the bouquet fontavailable from Envato Elements and other sources, will make a strong statement with a readable message when used in a limited capacity on a business card.

15. Cursive signature

Looking for a simple yet elegant typeface to showcase your business card? the signature cursive fontavailable from Envato Elements, consists of elegant characters drawn with graceful strokes.

16. Brilliant Dad

theBright Daddy Fontavailable online from sources like Envato Elements, features a natural, fluid design that could be an effective way to highlight the main themes of an otherwise forgettable business card design.

What is the best font for business cards?

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is the best font for business cards. The best business card font is one that is clear and legible, while maintaining professionalism and originality. Therefore, the best business card font is clearly Baskeville PT. The font is versatile and includes a variety of options while offering a touch of elegance and professionalism.

What is the best sans serif font for business cards?

For various reasons, some people prefer sans serif fonts for their business cards. Sans Serrif fonts are classic and provide clear readability in multiple sizes and formats. The best sans serif font for business cards is Xaviera. Crisp, clear type promises to stand out and capture recipients’ attention.

What is the standard business card font size?

What are the best font sizes for business cards? The standard business card font size is 10 pt. Keep in mind that when 10pt is used for the main font size, details such as contact information will be better suited to a smaller font size of 9 or 8pt. Remember, do not print any information on your business card in a font size smaller than 8pt.

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