The Executive’s Guide to Buying Custom Business Cards in 2022


Promoting your brand is the key to business success in the modern world. The entire field of marketing and communications is dedicated to finding new ways to promote brands, companies and ideas. Marketers use simple tools like business cards to help business owners engage more customers, build their brand, and increase sales.

However, successful brand promotion requires the full participation of all company workers. According to business experts, brand promotion is not the sole responsibility of the chief marketing officers (CMOs) of the company. CEOs and other senior executives also need to engage in brand building efforts.

How? ‘Or’ What? Sharing business cards with high profile potential clients is the best way for senior executives to promote their brands. Well created personalized business cards help reflect their professionalism and create positive impressions. In 2022, business leaders have many options for purchasing custom printed business cards.

Here’s how these executives should rate business card printing companies.

How to Evaluate Business Card Printing Companies

The “best” business cards should always represent your brand values, business goals, and company details. That’s why it’s essential to choose a card printing company that meets your high design standards. Of course, price, card material, print quality and delivery are all important factors.

Here are all the factors business owners should weigh when considering card printing companies –

High quality printing process

No matter how you want your business card designed, without high quality printing the results will be lousy. Avoid sellers who don’t offer advanced printing solutions. Look for companies that offer laser printing, dye-sublimation printing, and other printing options.

Advanced printing technology enables the printing of vivid colors and sharp images on business cards. These design elements allow business leaders to clearly communicate their intentions on the map. The professional quality of the print will also help executives make positive and lasting impressions on recipients.

Variety of size and shape

Your business cards should be unique. Or else, they will not register strong impressions on the recipients. Look for business card printing companies that offer cards in different shapes and sizes. Choose between cards with horizontal or vertical orientations. Look for the double-sided printing option, which also allows you to include more information on the cards.

Also look for flexible options regarding paper types and card shapes.

Custom design

Most business card printers offer design templates on their websites. Although these templates are pre-designed to look sleek and professional, they may not match your company’s branding style. Thus, it is always safer to work with business card printing companies that offer full customization control.

You should be able to upload your own custom artwork or use online design tools on the company’s website. Test these options to see if they give your business the look you want.

Bulk discounts

The best business card printing companies use sustainable resources to manufacture low cost business cards. By buying these cards in bulk, business executives can get huge discounts. Order a set and start taking responsibility for promoting your brand to senior executives!


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