Sotheby’s unveils a new networking solution: digital business cards


Sotheby’s International Realty Canada recently launched new digital business cards exclusively for its real estate agents and brokers. The company says the new proprietary technology makes it easier and faster to exchange and save contact information for agents and their current and potential customers.

“Identifying the changing needs of the industry and our agents, developing and investing in the necessary proprietary technology is part of our commitment to providing Sotheby’s International Realty Canada agents with unrivaled global marketing and business solutions,” says Don Kotrick, President and CEO. “The development of digital business cards was born out of the need for contactless and more efficient communication and service. In an industry where building relationships is important to business success, we’ve extended this idea of ​​“contactless” to networking. »

The digital business card is a unique QR code, automatically generated for each agent from the company’s proprietary cloud-based Gateway real estate marketing and brokerage management system, which clients can scan using their smartphone . When they do, a link to a digital version of the agent’s business card will appear with the ability to instantly add the agent’s contact information to their phone. In addition to traditional contact information, the digital business card includes professional specialties, areas of service, as well as professional websites and social media accounts, the company says.

“The Digital Business Card is another investment in our ongoing proprietary technology innovation and is one of many exemplary marketing tools, resources and technologies that we have developed exclusively for our agents,” says Tahan Martins, Director of brand innovation for business. . “The technology we design and develop is rooted in creating true competitive advantage that elevates our agents’ real estate business.”


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