Popl set to replace business cards with instant contact sharing and a new “Pro” subscription


The redesigned Popl App and Popl Pro subscription advance the brand’s mission to replace business cards and simplify the way we connect in person. The receiver doesn’t need a Popl or the app for the information transfer to work, providing the fastest, easiest and most fun way to connect and share with others .

“We’re on a mission to change the way people connect, network and share information,” said Jason Alvarez-Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Popl. “Popl was created as a simple and fun way to exchange social media and contact information with others, but has grown into a global movement. We’re thrilled that Popl Pro and our redesigned app are helping our users to connect and stay connected like never before.”

Popl like a pro with the new “Popl Pro” service
With a monthly subscription to Popl Pro, users will have the ability to create two unique profiles – Social Mode and Business Mode – that adapt to their ever-changing social settings. Additional features include:

  • Multiple accounts: Say goodbye to the limit of one @account per application. Do you have multiple Instagrams? We have you!
  • Custom titles: Your links, your choices. Name them whatever you want, no more static titles.
  • Professional Analytics: See pops, profile views, link analytics and more with the Analytics Page Pro.
  • Pop Card: See exactly where you met each of your connections and reference them by location.
  • Popl Ambassador integration: Popl Ambassadors can now include their referral code to get paid every time someone purchases a Popl from their profile.
  • New channels to share: Popl Pro users will also have access to eight new popular channels to link to their profile, including Calendly, Discord, Apple Podcasts, FaceTime, OnlyFans, Tinder, and more.

Popl Pro monthly subscription is available through the Popl app for only $2.99/month.

The Popl app reinvented to replace traditional business cards
Popl’s original product is a small, round sticker, with fun designs, that easily sticks to the back of a smartphone and allows you to instantly share contact information, social networks and online profiles, including Instagram , TikTok, Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Venmo, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. Popl has become a viral sensation on TikTok with 2.1 million subscribers, over 200 million video views and users in over 135 countries.

The refreshed user interface hosts a variety of new features, including fully customizable contact cards, new 3D style profiles, a QR code page with sharing options for non-NFC enabled devices, and the ability to enable and disable your Popl. to prevent any accidental or unwanted pops. The redesigned Popl app also features social sharing experiences, including Pop Streaks and “pop” location mapping, and users can now create a Popl card for Apple Wallet or Android Wallet.

While the brand’s iconic flagship remains available for purchase, from $14.99Popl has continued to grow its range, delivering new colors and limited edition designs, Popl Keychain, and announcing an exciting partnership in the coming weeks that will evolve the way Popl is integrated into the modern smartphone.

To learn more about Popl Pro, the redesigned Popl app, or to purchase a Popl, visit www.popl.co.

About Pop
Popl was founded by Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischensof them UCLA graduates and best friends, who shared a vision to replace business cards with a modern, fun, and simple solution that gets people connected instantly. The other person does not need a Popl or an app to receive the information and Popl is compatible with iPhone and Android. With the patent-pending Popl Direct™ feature, users can customize what they share and “show” only specific links instead of their full profile, making it perfect for social and business interactions. By successfully launching the product on TikTok, the brand gained instant fame with a viral video who almost 80M views, attracting fans and users around the world to them.

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