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The modest business card dates back to the 15and Century China when people used them as tools for self-promotion. Called “calling cards,” they were used to request meetings or prove credentials.

200 years later, they had evolved into “business cards” containing promotional information and a map to help customers find a particular business.

With the industrial revolution, these communication vehicles have become today’s business card; a simple and cost-effective way to help potential clients and contacts remember you and find you for a job.

The BBC reports that more than seven billion business cards were printed worldwide in 2018. COVID has forced the cancellation of countless meetings, and with it a 70% drop in global business card production.

No surprise, given the lack of in-person networking, the growth of contactless transactions, and the fear of spreading germs.

Based on this, and coupled with the exponential growth of cellphones, social media, and QR codes, I had assumed that business cards would soon be an extinct marketing tool.

Well, you know what happens when you assume! Sales are on the rise again and business cards are DEFINITELY not dead.

Last night I attended a networking event of about 60 business leaders and was amazed at the shared business cards.

All night I watched the cards change hands. Some were white, others multicolored. Most were rectangular, some square or round. The big ones stood out, the little ones probably got lost.

Square corners, round corners, thin and thick. Paper, wood, mylar and magnetic… I’ve seen them all. Several were intelligent, while many others were eminently forgettable.

And a few meeting attendees neglected to bring a sufficient supply of cards before acknowledging that they had missed an opportunity to be called back.

I liked the team building company die-cut card. Between the graphics and the shape, there was a fun feel that seemed to reflect the CEO’s style perfectly.

When I entered the business, I was taught two things;

  • Carry business cards with you at all times; and
  • Give it to prospects so they can easily find me.

Whatever your activity, you should also always have business cards with you. They are some of the cheapest marketing tools available to you, are considered indispensable in some cultures, and can help boost your branding efforts.

Yes, they are low tech… but sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

That said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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