Nomad’s new NFC iPhone 13 cases aim to replace traditional business cards


Every year, with the release of the latest iPhone, a host of accessories with unique features appear as well, including charging bricks, cables, MagSafe wallets, screen protectors, and most notably, cases.

Nomad has announced its upcoming line of iPhone 13 cases, which can be pre-ordered starting today. All of Nomad’s new iPhone 13 series cases come with a new ‘Digital Business Card’ feature, which allows you to personalize a digital card with your phone number, name, social media and business credentials. other information, all stored in an NFC-enabled chip in the housing.

This allows you to share your contact information just like you would a traditional business card with another iPhone user, with just a tap.

Nomad released three ‘Modern leather cases ” which feature Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) bumpers on the corners for added protection. According to the accessory manufacturer, the cases are compatible with MagSafe, or any wireless charging station, have ruggedized speaker ports, and can withstand a distance of 10 feet. fall.

The “Modern Leather” cases are available in rustic brown, black and natural color variants and can be pre-ordered now, with September 20 as the shipping date. The cases cost $ 59.95 (CA $ 75.74).

Nomad also unveiled his two ‘Modern leather folio ‘ cases in black and rusty brown. In essence, this is the same case as the “modern leather” ones, but with an additional folio that features three card slots, one ticket slot, and two lanyard attachment points. Modern Leather Folio cases cost $ 79.95 (CAD $ 100.96) and can be purchased pre-ordered today. Cases begin shipping September 20.

Finally, Nomad released its iPhone 13 series’Sports case ‘ Consisting of a scratch resistant PET coated polycarbonate frame with a high grip back plate, TPE bumpers, camera ring, metal buttons and microfiber interior. The “Sports case” is available in the colors “Black”, “Moon gray”, “Dune”, “Ash green” and “Navy blue”.

The case is available for pre order now for $ 39.95 (CA $ 50.45) and will start shipping on October 18.

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