NFC, QR and USB Compatible Business Cards by swivelCard


Working smarter, having more information and giving more information is what inspired the people of intelliPaper create rotating card—a smart card for business. intelliPaper has developed a way to turn standard paper into a USB flash drive and has incorporated this patented process into business cards. Smart technology built into business cards opens up a whole world of possibilities! Smart cards come with a unique identifier that allows you to personalize the experience you provide to each individual. Want to share new content with the potential client you met last week? No problem! Data on the map is never out of date as you can provide new information remotely using the back-end interface. This interface also provides useful card usage data with comprehensive analytics available. Smart cards are loaded with technology, so there’s no reason your customer can’t receive the information you hope to share. Cards aren’t just limited to USB; they also understand the power of the Internet of Things and can be NFC-enabled. pivotingCard presented GoToTags with the challenge of creating an NFC tag encoded with data matching the data presented with the QR code. Fortunately, the GoToTags Encoder software supports correlated tag encoding which allows any printed item to match NFC encoding data. The innovative technology created by intelliPaper and GoToTags has the ability to revolutionize everyday business card applications.


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