New Japanese business cards beat pandemic masking with beaming smiles


NAGOYA — “Nice to meet you, this is what I look like!” That’s the idea behind a line of business cards printed with the lower half of the wearer’s face, the half often covered with a mask in these times of COVID-19.

Masks, although a necessary piece of equipment during the pandemic, can make it difficult to recognize each other’s faces. Thus, the Nagaya printing house in the Higashi district of Nagoya decided to “enlighten the world on the business front” with smiling business cards (literally).

The company was founded in 1919 and its main activity is the printing of leaflets and catalogs. As sales plummeted 30% due to the pandemic, they wondered if they could do something new. The idea of ​​printing half of a person’s face on a business card came about because during the pandemic it was difficult to see people’s expressions under their masks, making it difficult to read their feelings.

Nagaya began selling the “smiley business cards” in late June and received more than a dozen orders. The companies that ordered the cards said they were “interesting” and “have a strong impact and will be remembered by the recipient”.

A Nagaya representative said, “It hasn’t directly contributed to our business performance yet, but we’re glad people are taking an interest in our idea, which no other company has had.

(Japanese original by Shiho Sakai, Nagoya News Center)


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