Life coach whose business cards ended up in Oscar gift bags wants to change the ‘hardwiring’ of CEOs with $100,000 holistic wellness classes

  • Kayote Joseph is a life coach who uses controversial “quantum healing” to help wealthy clients.
  • Joseph says she has worked with CEOs, celebrities and world leaders to help them achieve their goals.

Kayote Joseph, a California-based life coach, knew nothing about Oscar gift bags when her publicist approached her and asked if she wanted to be part of this year’s awards show goodie bag – worth $138,000 – paying $40 to have her cards bundled with swag like a three-night, $50,000 stay in a Scottish castle, a year’s supply of cosmetics and golden pretzels.

The week after the Oscars, Joseph said she was getting 20 more calls a day than usual and watching her Instagram grow, and it occurred to her that she could potentially advise Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nominees. to Jessica Chastain and Will Smith.

The $40 investment she made was minimal compared to the $700 charged by Joseph for a “holistic wellness” session, which she will soon turn into a $100,000 all-inclusive course.

Wellness has become a $4.4 trillion industry – but has drawn skepticism

Joseph holds a degree in advanced psychology – an area of ​​study that focuses on the unconscious – and is completing his doctorate. in Integrative Healing, both from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His methods are unconventional, departing from mainstream psychology and medicine by championing the use of quantum physics to alter clients’ “energies”.

Popularized by Deepak Chopra, a New Age author who rose to fame after appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and became a spiritual advisor to michael jackson in the 1990s, the practice known as quantum healing or energy healing prioritized meditation, hypnosis, and spiritual thought over mainstream medicine, with many quantum healing practitioners challenging the pharmaceutical industry and what they see as doctors’ overreliance on prescribing drugs.

Joseph believes that by reducing stress in the body, quantum healing allows people to recover from physical and mental ailments when other methods have failed. This approach, which is part of the family of complementary and alternative medicine, has attracted attention, particularly from practitioners of traditional medicine and when used to fight serious diseases such as cancer.

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A 2017 Discovery of a Pew Research Center study that one-fifth of Americans used alternative treatments instead of conventional treatments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said alternative medicine can make cancer treatments less effective. A Harvard study on reconnective healing, which shares some similarities with Joseph’s practice, could not draw a firm conclusion on its effectiveness.

But Joseph’s services reflect a growing demand for non-traditional paths to health. McKinsey released a study in 2021 estimating that the global wellness market is worth $1.5 trillion, with projected growth between 5-10% per year. The Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit research group, valued the wellness industry at $4.4 trillion in 2020.

Changing the “wiring” of CEOs and the super rich

Joseph said she works with two types of people in the business world: the first are people who feel like they can’t get what they want in life; the second type are people who have everything they could possibly want and still feel dissatisfied.

She works with her high net worth clients in three-month stages, with the first stage “recreating how a client sees themselves in alignment with the life they want to have,” she said.

Targeting CEOs and high earners is a fertile market, as they often have the desire to find meaning in their lives, and the means to pay for it. Recent studies noted 60% of managers feel “exhausted” at the end of the day, a strong indicator of burnout, with the figure for “high potential employees” at 86%.

“When I coach these CEOs, they get what they think they want, but they don’t feel anything. It’s because what they created for themselves, it almost always came from a need to prove something. “Joseph said.

“What I do with these people is help them rewrite their software programming so they can actually have what they want.”

When she’s finished working with her clients, Joseph thinks they generally feel like the high cost was worth it for what they achieved in her sessions.

“Capitalism is a driving force in our society that is going to tell you to work really hard, and not focus on what your life really feels like while you’re working really hard,” she said.

Joseph declined to provide the identities of these wealthy clients due to nondisclosure agreements.

“The people I hope to work with are people who can change the world”

She will soon be converting her $700 sessions into a $100,000 package for six months of work, which realistically is only affordable for the very wealthy who have likely benefited from the capitalist system. Joseph declined to share with Insider how much she has earned so far from her practice.

While Joseph admitted her services were “a ton more than what therapists charge for”, she said she was doing something “so different”. Services will include access to an “Aesthetic Architect”, who will visit a client and help them improve their wardrobe and home to complement their new outlook on life.

The purpose of her work, she said, is to induce a change in perspective from CEOs, celebrities and decision-makers, which those who cannot afford the services can benefit from. a kind of spiritual healing of society.

“The people I hope to work with are people who can change the world,” Joseph said, suggesting that a CEO with a positive mindset would make his employees happier and more motivated, while a celebrity might share encouraging messages with its millions of social networks. -media followers.

She added that she has also tried to accommodate those who cannot afford her consulting services with free content on her Instagram and more affordable online courses.

Despite skepticism around the costs and mixed reviews about the effectiveness of the methods involved, Joseph believes his ideas will resonate with a growing number of cash-rich, time-poor Americans.


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