How to differentiate your business cards from others?


Business cards are important because they can help you open and close business with your customers. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that allows you to display your brand image and provide contact information to your customers.

So what can help you differentiate your business card from others?

Let’s dive into a few things you can keep in mind when designing your map. The following can help you create something that not only looks good but is also an effective marketing tool.

Business card images

If you opt for a photograph or illustration on your business card, it is important that you use professionally written images. Ordinary amateur photos can reflect badly on your brand and fail to capture your customer’s attention. Always go for high quality logos, cartoons or images when it comes to printing business cards.

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Business QR Codes

Put QR codes on a business card can elevate the functionality of your card. The QR code can provide your clients and customers with a gateway to visit your social media profiles or websites in just seconds.

Since the customer doesn’t even have to manually enter your business name, a simple QR code scan can definitely be something they find appealing to your brand. The client or customer can save time by visiting your landing page, which creates organic traffic that your brand’s social presence needs.

Business card color schemes

If you are building a brand from scratch, you may need to choose a color scheme depending on the type of industry you are entering. It is very important to choose the right colors to make a good impression. For example, things might not suit your client if your funeral home has a hot pink business card.

If you already have an existing brand, your business card should incorporate the same colors as the brand on the rest of the artwork or posts. Choosing a completely different color from your brand can hurt the brand image you are trying to create.

Instead, you can choose complementary colors or a different shade of the same color to create an elegant business card.

Business card finishes

A cool business card finish can make or break the look of your business card. You can choose to go timeless with a matte finish or even choose glossy for a more upscale sleek look.

Besides the popular matte and gloss, many companies also use gold or silver foil finishes to give their business cards a regal elegance. Embossing or debossing is another creative way to showcase your logo to make the customer remember your brand.

If you want to take it a step further, you can opt for matte cello business card finishes to give your business cards the most premium look possible. Not only do they look great, but they also feel like velvet when you touch them!

You can also think outside the box and use recycled paper for your business cards. Not only are you saving the planet, but your business will also earn street credit for its environmental responsibility.

Business card distribution tactics

Apart from designing and printing, distributing business cards is a very important factor as delivering them to customers is the ultimate goal.

You can choose to give your business cards to your customers, suppliers, partners by giving them during your meetings. However, you can also drop them at networking events, fairs and exhibitions to promote your business. Try creating an event calendar to provide your business cards throughout the year whenever needed.

Since business cards are considered marketing materials, you can drop them door to door just like a flyer. This strategy could help boost your business. Since it has all the necessary contact information, you can use a business card instead of a flyer.

Another great way is to attach your business card to any document you send. It doesn’t have to be a document. If you’re sending someone a package, you can easily swipe your business card so they can travel to different places and bring back business opportunities.


By following a few design tactics and rules, you can create the perfect business card to help promote your business. Never underestimate the power of portable marketing materials as they can help your customer register your brand image the moment they hold it in their hand.

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