How to Create Your Business Cards in Microsoft Word


Learn how to create a professional business card in Microsoft Word using an attractive and modern design.

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If you need a quality business card for your business but don’t have the software or skills to create one, you can use Microsoft Word. With several templates available, you can add your specific business details for a lasting impression.

They are also cheaper than other forms of marketing strategies for your business. Choose from several templates or create a unique business card step by step.

Essential details for your business card

Business cards are great ways to share information about your business with friends and acquaintances. A sound business card will detail the purpose of your business and how potential customers can contact you.

Your customers can reach out to you is a great way to help your online business succeed. Here are the essential details you need to include when designing your business card:

  • Company Name
  • Site
  • Contact details (email address, website, telephone number)
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Name and position of employees

How to Create Your Business Card in Microsoft Word

Creating your business card on Microsoft Word is easy by following the steps listed below. You can use the available templates and add your details or create a unique one from scratch depending on the design you prefer.

1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer and select a blank document.

2. Select File > To choose New document to start creating your business card.


select new on microsoft word

3. On the search bar at the top of the window, search for ‘Business cards’ to access the vast collection of business card templates.

templates available on word

4. Scroll down to see the different business card designs available to match your business. After selecting your ideal template, you get a preview to see if it fits your needs.

5. Click To create once you are happy with the business card template you have chosen. A new Microsoft Word window will open with the template you select ready to edit. Now all you have to do is add your business details.

select create in Microsoft Word

6. Enter your contact information such as company name, email address and contact information on the first business card. The information will automatically adapt to other business cards in the template.

Editing the template in Microsoft Word

7. You can change the alignment, table size and border size of your business card templates from the Design & Layout tab. Filled business cards are well spaced with dotted lines for easy cutting after printing.

completed business card edits

8. To preview your business cards, click To print to get a full page view.

Business card ready to print

Sharing your digital business card on social media apps like Facebook helps you with your Facebook business engagement strategy and ad campaigns. With many businesses operating online, applications like Microsoft Word help you manage certain marketing aspects of your business.

Share your business information with digital business cards

Digital business cards are easy to create with Microsoft Word. All you have to do is fill in your details in the available templates. It helps if you don’t have fancy apps like Photoshop to make your business cards stand out.

On Microsoft Word, you can also add clipart, text and images. Now you can save money while marketing your business to everyone you meet.

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