How to Create Business Cards in Outlook


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Check how do you create business cards in Outlook

A business card is generally understood as a small card containing business information about a company or person, but did you know that you can create a business card in Outlook? When users create a contact card in Outlook, their contact information is shown to the people they communicate with in their email.

With the Electronic Business Card in Outlook, you can easily create, view, and share contact information. You can create a business card with new or old contact information that you have already stored in Outlook. In Microsoft Outlook, a contact can be a name or an email address, while the business card displays contact information in full screen mode.

Here are the steps to create and use business cards in Outlook

Create a business card in MS Outlook

  • The first step is to open the version of the Outlook application installed on your system.
  • From the toolbar, go to Home and click on the New Items Available option in the upper left corner.
  • Choose the Contact option from the drop-down options to create a new contact entry.
  • Now click on the Business Card icon available in the Options section of the toolbar.
  • A new pop-up window will open called Edit Business Card.
  • In the Card Design section, the user can customize the card and provide details such as: Design: By clicking on Design, select the design of their choice from the drop-down options such as Left Image, Right Image, Top, Bottom Image, Single Text, Background Image, etc. Image – to add an image navigation system location to the business card Image area – to define the percentage area details for the added image Image alignment – ​​to define the alignment details of the added image Background – to choose the background color of your business card
  • When the electronic business card formatting is complete, finally click OK. Your new business card is created and ready to share with other users.

The steps to use this business card are listed below.

  • Open a new mail application in Outlook.
  • Go to Attach Item > Business Card, then add a name from the list provided.
  • The IMAP migration settings page will open. Now set the IMAP server to keeping the default rest settings and click Next.
  • If the name you want is not available, click Other Business Cards. Then click on the name provided in the Filed Under list.
  • Then click OK.
  • Enter the sender’s name and click Submit.

Final Words: How to Create Business Cards in Outlook

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