Designer amateur cocaine smuggler caught with guns and business cards promising ’24/7 delivery anywhere’


A drug dealer has been jailed after police raided his cocaine supply business downtown and found two automatic handguns. Mike Kabeya, 24, ran a drug supply operation from a plush apartment in the South Tower in Manchester city centre.

But his illegal trade ended when police raided the Owen Street flat on March 26. Inside the property, cops found two Retay automatic handguns, ammunition, high-purity cocaine, scales, pressure bags, cell phones and business cards that read ‘delivery anywhere 24/7’. Officers also found £3,160 along with €595 and evidence of cryptocurrency.

The money was found in a bag in an office in the living room alongside Kabeya’s driver’s license, national insurance card and lock knife, prosecutor Juliet Berry told Crown Court on Thursday from Manchester. More cash was found in the kitchen along with pressure bags, scales and a bill counting machine.

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“Officers observed that there was a large amount of high-value workout shoes and accessories such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton,” Ms. Berry said.

Some 30g of high-purity cocaine worth up to £2,700 was also found in the flat.

Police registered the Deansgate building after the raid

Kabeya had rented the apartment under the false name of Harrison Bright, the court was told. During his arrest, Kabeya made no comment during his questioning by the police, according to the prosecutor.

The defendant had ten sets of previous convictions covering 25 offences, including a fraud for which he received a suspended prison sentence at the age of 17.

Katherine Pierpoint, defending, told the court: “It is accepted that there will be a long sentence today. He got involved in a serious crime. He was extremely stupid. He knows he is going to get it of a long sentence today. He wants to serve it. sentence and make the best use of it and go on with the rest of his life.”

Ms Pierpoint pointed to four friends of Kabeya who were in the public gallery who were “shocked by his behaviour”. They described him as a close family man to his brother, the lawyer told the court.

Evacuation of Deansgate Square

Judge Conrad QC said: “He has business acumen. If only he applied it in the right direction.”

The judge continued: “The most serious offense here is possession of firearms. There were two and ammunition was found with them. and you will be aware of that.”

He told the accused he faced a ‘mandatory minimum sentence’ of five years for firearms offenses before drug offenses were considered.

Kabeya, dressed in a gray designer tracksuit, showed no reaction when he was sentenced to eight years in prison. He previously pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm, one count of possession of cocaine with intent to supply and one count of possession of criminal property. He was sentenced to six years for the firearms offenses and another two for the drug charges.

A hearing on the Proceeds of Crime Act is scheduled for September 9.

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