Cincinnati organization creates business cards to help visually impaired people


The world’s largest braille maker is nestled in College Hill at the Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. CINCINNATI—

“Someone hands you a business card that’s usually a printed card that’s inaccessible to a blind person,” Miller said. “Everything you would see and take for granted.”

Ryan Miller is thrilled to be part of a partnership with TriHealth to create business cards for healthcare professionals that come with a twist.

The new maps have four dots so visually impaired people can find the QR code on the map.

“I’m going to try to center the camera on these four points…contact contact.” So right away he picked it up,” Miller showed WLWT.

Then a screen reader program on your phone called Voice Over reads it aloud.

Miller is one of the proofreaders on the project and ensures that the braille matches the print. TriHealth and Clovernook believe this is just the beginning for companies looking for a way to be more inclusive.

“Making people feel welcome and at home and thinking that people with disabilities go through unnecessary challenges trying to feel part of organizations,” said Tashawna Otabil, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at TriHealth.

“I hope this is the start of that change to provide an equal experience for everyone who accesses their services,” said Samuel Foulkes, Director of Braille Production and Accessible Innovation.

Miller said it was a good start and he already had ideas about how it could expand to other large companies.

“We might even do that for the meal kit service I told you about because they use scanning technology to cook,” Miller said.

A wealth of ideas leads him to his true passion, making people feel connected.

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  • Cincinnati organization creates business cards to help visually impaired people
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