Axiom Print now offers unique and creative business cards to enhance your brand and make a lasting first impression


Unique Gold Foil Business Cards

Axiom Print, one of the leading and competitive Los Angeles-based printing companies, continues to create and deliver new products, which are not only great additions to marketing essentials, but also great contributors to strengthen brand recognition.

This time, Axiom Print has come up with uniquely designed and professional looking business cards, which keeps them out of the competition as they are among the pioneers to introduce such business cards, which are the only ones in their kind. As they say “You only have one chance to leave a first impression”. With that in mind, they have created a wide selection of unique business cards, all of which can be ordered online. With this flexible online ordering system, it is possible to choose the products from anywhere and anytime. The system is personalized so that the ordering process becomes easier for everyone. With the customer in mind, Axiom Print allows customization of paper, color, design, texture, varnish, and other enhancement features to help you present your brand to your audience. With the flexibility to choose, clients have the freedom to go wild with their creative ideas. We can help you stand out.

Business cards are informative printed paper cards that contain information about a business, business, or individual. Business cards that don’t have specific or individual characteristics are less likely to be kept or remembered than those that have a unique design and film, which certainly attracts attention. The business card culture is changing and Axiom Print is a leading printing and design company that offers the best and latest solutions for creativity. Recently they introduced UV embossed business cards, Aluminum Business Cards and Business cards on painted board.

The UV Raised Business Cards are quite lightweight and feature smooth and shiny raised areas that beautifully complement the soft touch and suede feel of the paper. While the foil embossing gives an impression of prestige and luxury to business cards. The metal foil is heat transferred to the surface of the paper. This makes the area shiny with a shiny metallic tint. Subsequently, Axiom Print also offers super sturdy and eye-catching aluminum business cards, which ensure strong first impressions and are manufactured to the highest printing standards. Aluminum business cards usually come with aluminum text or logos with a variety of colors to choose from. It is these professionally designed business cards that grab the attention of others and stimulate brand interest. The most commonly ordered aluminum business cards are gold, silver, and copper, but why limit yourself to these three choices when Axiom Print offers other foil colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, red, holographic, rose gold and more. Talk about standing out from your presentation.

Speaking of standing out, Axiom Print offers Painted Edge Business Cards, also known as Colored Edge Business Cards, which are in high demand. Painting the edges of the cards with bright colors will make the business cards of a basic card stand out. Available even in Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold colors, these colored edges are sure to complement your work of art in the most beautiful way.

Axiom Print operates under tight deadlines.

Axiom Print offers an affordable and easy way to create business cards with painted edges and other types of business cards that will deliver the needed message to customers in a more creative and easy way.

Building a corporate reputation is hard work, but the super helpful team at Axiom Print are ready to go the extra mile and help the brand remain stable in this rapidly changing business world.

The experts ensure the printing of these Business Cards within 3 working days. But thanks to their printing gurus, high speed machines and brand new facilities, they offer urgent and same day printing services. They can fulfill the order the next day or even the same day.

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