Are business cards still necessary in the age of social media?


As many businesses were forced to enter the digital world during the pandemic, real-world mixers and industry dating have also increasingly moved online.

A habit made particularly obsolete thanks to this development: printing your own business card.

In the age of social media, where people are connecting more and more through platforms like LinkedIn and Xing, handing out small cards may seem increasingly out of fashion even before the coronavirus emerged.

If experts are to be believed, however, there is “no sign that this is going out of fashion,” says Bettina Knape of the German Federation of Print and Media Industries (BVDM).

Career coach Silke Freudenberg also mentions young entrepreneurs who increasingly rely on paper: “Of course, they can get online quickly with their phones. But there is a difference between meeting online and meeting in person.

The business card is therefore essential, believes the expert.

According to Freudenberg, business cards still play a huge role in everything today, from politics, industry and manufacturing to media and culture.

“Especially those who have their own business should definitely get a business card,” she recommends.

The right font and the right material

For many, it’s important that the little card isn’t just a boring piece of paper, but that it can grab attention, Knape says.

“There is a shift towards higher value business cards. “

According to German printers Vistaprint, customers increasingly appreciate high-quality paper and printing. In addition, individual and professional designs are becoming more and more important.

More and more customers are now also using their business cards to draw attention to their online presence, such as printing a QR code that links to the company’s website, according to Vistaprint.

Freudenberg recommends creating business cards and websites in the same design.

Less is more

Once the printing part is settled, the question remains: when is it better to hand in your card?

“As soon as possible,” says German label expert Clemens Graf von Hoyos.

If the other person didn’t quite get your name, for example, this is a great opportunity to offer them your business card, he recommends.

Another possibility is to casually distribute them before everyone else sits down in a meeting. At trade shows, however, it only makes sense to give away your card if you really intend to get in touch about business interests.

As a general rule, you should not impose your card on others and especially not distribute them at random. “Excessive use would only leave the impression that you are particularly desperate,” says the etiquette expert. – dpa

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