Answer the call of paperless business cards


The Athlone-based start-up is getting rid of single-use business cards with simple technology.

“Tapitag helps businesses of all sizes adopt a sustainable, paperless way to connect and network with their customers through our cloud-based platform,” said Ivan Eustace. “With just one click, you can share and interact with prospects and customers.”

It’s the elevator pitch for Tapitagthat replaces single-use paper business cards with a single, durable, NFC-enabled card that can instantly transfer information over and over again.

Users can ensure that their contact information is always up to date and decide which details they want to share through their Tapitag profile. When a new contact then taps the card with an NFC-enabled device, the profile is launched and the option to save the contact appears. This will save a phone number and email address as well as a link to the person’s Tapitag profile, which can be revisited to keep up to date with any changes.

For corporate clients, a cloud-based management system means sweeping changes can be made quickly and efficiently to all employee profiles. There are also built-in analytics to see a user’s “touch stats” and more.

“We have invested heavily in the software platform behind Tapitag,” Eustace said. “This makes Tapitag a sales and business tool for companies with plenty of analytics at their disposal to help them make the right decisions.”

“We now produce and print everything here in Ireland”

It’s so good for the start-up founded last year. “Tapitag is very well received and we’re onboarding customers all the time,” Eustace said.

“Initially, the supply chain was an issue because we outsourced printing to Asia in the beginning. We now produce and print everything here in Ireland.

This change in production has resulted in Tapitag obtaining a guaranteed Irish brand, and the company is backed by Enterprise Ireland. The team’s focus, however, is global.

“Every business, big or small, across the globe needs a more transparent and sustainable way to engage with their audiences,” Eustace said.

“Ireland is extremely dynamic at the moment”

Tapitag isn’t a first time at the boot rodeo for Eustace and his co-founders Mark Gibbons and John McHugh.

“We were all co-workers at TNS Connect,” he explained. Eustace and McHugh co-founded the consumer electronics distribution company while Gibbons worked in sales. TNS Connect operated globally and dealt with iconic brands and major retailers.

This business was sold to PCH, a global product development and supply chain company founded by Irishman Liam Casey. TNS Connect spent six years within the PCH family before being acquired in 2017 by CMS Distribution.

Following this successful outing, Eustace and co set off again with Tapitag headquartered in Athlone.

“From our experience in Ireland, it’s extremely dynamic at the moment and we’re connecting and supporting a number of start-ups that we know of,” Eustace said. “It’s extremely energizing.”

As a serial founder himself, Eustace has some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Stay motivated, stay positive, and always believe in your idea,” he says. “Aim for the stars.”

His own bold vision is to make Tapitag a “must-have” for all businesses, big or small. But as the company grows, sustainability will remain key.

Sustainability is “at the forefront of what we do,” Eustace explained. “We are replacing paper in the workplace and at the same time we have partnered with Ecological plant a tree for every customer we board,” he added.

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