Andover entrepreneur invents a modern alternative to traditional business cards


AN ANDOVER ENTREPRENEUR has developed a modern, Covid-safe alternative to the traditional business card.

Anthony Marshall, who runs Marshall Financial Solutions at Union Street, has designed an app that allows people to scan a QR code and automatically download other people’s contact details.

The app, called mobilewebs, was launched earlier this year and the businessman now plans to take it to the Event Production Show at London’s ExCel in March to showcase it.

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He said: “I created this app, it’s an app that turns your business card into a card on your phone that you can associate with anyone in the world or send it to whoever you are wherever You can put progressive notifications on it too.

“It’s fantastic equipment. I’ve found that when people buy from someone, they need to know where to see them or visit them or how to see them on social media or contact them, and that covers all of that. .

“People take business cards and they never use them again or they have to load the details on their phone, it does that automatically.”

Anthony said he was inspired to use the time during the pandemic to find a safer way to exchange details.

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Anthony said: “It’s a much better alternative to the business card. It’s a modern medium. People want the information easily and in an accessible way. They can find everything they need about you instantly and safely.”

Cards are available for £40 a year on

For details, email [email protected] or call 01264 338 020.

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