AMERICAN PSYCHO business card scene but with cats


Although it is difficult to choose the most emblematic American psychology scene, business card confrontation must be a top contender. But while the original scene is a classic, it is, as with many things, made more hilarious with cats. The video below from YouTuber, OwlKitty, bears witness to this fact; both with tasteful fur, as well as subtle, orange tabby coloring.

OwlKitty, who has created countless movie and TV scenes with cats, recently released this feline parody of psychologytense moment of exchange. As with all of Kitty’s clips, there’s no context as to why the channel spoofed this movie and scene. Although the channel posted it near the All Saints season, so a slasher-flick canvas for painting cats logic.

A YouTuber has recreated American Psycho's famous business card scene with cats and it's hilarious.


The original scene involves an exchange and comparison of different affairs between Bateman, the film’s main character, and his office mates. Here it is about comparing different photos and videos of the cuddly emperors from the internet. Each character, for example, offers a nice cat perching or chewing wire. Although it’s Paul Allen’s own business cat who wins the day, despite cheating with a GIF. (Incidentally, do you pronounce GIF with a hard “g” or a soft “g”? Make sure you’re reading the bitmap image name out loud in your head correctly, folks!)

For those who haven’t seen the movie and are wondering who Paul Allen is, we recommend watching psychology AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. (That is, if you can handle copious amounts of violence and intense Christian Bale.) The film is perfect for the season and delivers the dark comedy you only get with an ax and a smile. And to whet your appetite even more, below is the original scene from the film’s calling card. We think you’ll like how thick it is.

Feature picture: OwlKitty


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