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‘There are no foreign lands’ debunks popular negative global sentiments

PHILADELPHIA CREAM, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As autocratic politicians, gloomy pessimists, angry nationalists, and pessimistic academics gain greater voice in parts of the world, the influence of globalists has diminished. Such negativity has caused international opinion leaders to question the validity of shared value systems. These same leaders began to believe that we are all doomed to an endless cycle of misunderstanding and conflict.

In Jeffrey A. Sheehan new book,There are no foreign lands“, this negativism turns out to be unjustified. Communications expert and leading globalist, Sheehan offers the world a more promising scenario, based on his observations gleaned from his travels to 85 countries on all continents. Along with his visits, he met 13,464 people, collecting a business card from each individual. Sheehan concludes that the key to positive and mutually rewarding cross-cultural communication is to look beyond the superficial differences represented by religion, language, culture and history, and to focus on values ​​and dispositions that are shared by all.

Sheehan’s book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of concise biographies of 17 people from 17 different countries on all inhabited continents, practicing 17 different professions, speaking 11 different native languages ​​and following 10 different spiritual traditions. The second part consists of her explanation of 13 different values ​​and dispositions shared by the 17 heroines and heroes of the book. Values ​​and dispositions are not unusual or difficult to understand and include character, standards, forgiveness, ambition, adventure, resilience, spirituality (not institutions of religion) and others. What makes them special is the remarkable prominence of each of them in Sheehan’s 17 profiles.

This book will take the reader on a whirlwind tour of the globe, geographically and historically, stopping to visit a remarkable set of individuals the author calls “harbingers of a global spring”. Globalists of the world, take heart. It’s not too late and you’re not alone. Regardless of your political or national leanings, you will think differently about the world after reading this book. You will leave with hope for the future and optimism about the prospects for a peaceful and prosperous world.

“As a former central bank governor, corporate CEO, and Philippine Ambassador to United StatesI always thought I was a savvy and committed globalist,” wrote Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. “Jeff’s book made me rethink my concept of ‘foreign lands’. It persuaded me that there are no such thing as foreign lands.”

There are no foreign lands was first published in Chinese by Shanghai University Press in 2019. The book ranked #1 for two months on Amazon’s Chinese equivalent’s bestseller list. “I first published it in Chinese with the aim of making my book a contribution to cross-cultural communication, not American and English language hegemony,” Sheehan said. “Cultural humility is one of the keys to our future as a species, and I want to do my part to endorse this priority.”

The English language version of There are no foreign lands, is now available on Amazon in hardback and e-book editions.

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